All Quick Lists: Men

Are you looking for... ?
Comedic Men

Funny ha ha.
Actors Who Sing

Carrying a tune is hot.
Total Creepers

Keep these guys away from any sharp objects.
Names to Know: Men

Don't sleep on these studs.
Sports Stars

Actors who have or could play pro ball (for real or pretend)
Young Leading Men

Have You Thought Of...

One of these guys might save the day... and your movie...
TV Royalty - Men

Proven winners on TV, more than capable of brightening the big screen
New York's Finest

From cops to Dons, and everything in between.
Dream Boats

The guy she THINKS she wants to marry...
Leading Men 60+

There will be no little blue pill jokes.
Leading Men 50-60

On their way to being silver foxes. Richard Gere is already there.
Leading Men

Of the manly variety.
Lighthearted Leading Men

We'd rather not knock out any teeth if that's okay.
School's In

The minors are major.
You Knew Them When - Men

TV stars coming soon to a big screen near you (if they're not there already).
Supporting Actors

Some of the best go-to guys.
BFFs - Men

Grab a few cold ones.

You can just taste the Werther's Originals
Indie Darlings - Men

Tortured souls, every one of them.
Edgy Character Actors

We're sure these guys are all really nice.
Actors We Could See on TV

CSI Denver? Let's do it!
Classic Villains

A Few Good Bad Men.
Action Stars

Kickin' ass. Takin' names.
Dorky Men

Nerdy? Check. Can still get girl? Check.