All Quick Lists: Women

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Names to Know: Women

Fresh faces for 2011 and beyond.
Actresses Who Sing

And they're not all on Glee!
Scream Queens

Wanted: beautiful young woman. Strong lungs and ability to outwit homicidal maniac(s) a must.
Have You Thought Of...

A bevy of beauty and talent.
BFFs - Women

A shoulder to cry on, and so much more.
Leading Ladies

The belles of the ball.
TV Royalty - Women

Proven winners on TV, more than capable of brightening the big screen
You Knew Them When - Women

TV stars coming soon to a big screen near you (if they're not there already).
Leading Ladies 50s+

There is nothing like a Dame.
Leading Ladies 40s-ish

Women born in or around the decade of the 1960s.

Young and restless.

They're all the rage.
Ladies Who Kick Butt

Don't be fooled by the rocks that they got.
Comedic Women

Try not to fall in love.
Indie Darlings - Women

These ladies have the chops.
School's In

The minors are major.